Movies by Title

Das Geheimnis des Gelben Grabes (see L'Etrusco Uccida Ancora)
Gallery of Horrors (see Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors)
Gamma 693 (see Night of the Zombies)
Gamma 693 (see The Chilling)
Garden of the Dead (1972) 1 brainhalf brain
Gasoline Blood (2006)
The Gate (1987)
The Gates of Hell (see Paura Nella Città dei Morti Viventi)
Gay Zombie (2007)
Ghost Brigade: The Killing Box (see The Killing Box)
The Ghost Galleon (see El Buque Maldito)
Ghost Ships of the Blind Dead (see El Buque Maldito)
The Ghost Story (see Ngau Wan Gong Tau)
The Girl in the Woods (2005)
Goeshi (1981)
Gore Whore (1994)
Gorex: The Zombi Horror Picture Show (1997)
Gou Hun Xiang Tou (see Ngau Wan Gong Tau)
The Grapes of Death (see Les Raisins de la Mort)
Grave Desires (see Mad Doctor of Blood Island)
Grave of the Living Dead (see La Tumba de los Muertos Vivientes)
Graveyard Disturbance (see Una Notte al Cimitero)
Grey Knight (see The Killing Box)
Grey Night (see The Killing Box)
Grindhouse/Planet Terror (2007) 1 brain1 brain1 brain