Dead Heat (1988) 1 brain1 brainhalf brain

Dead Heat is an example of why I like zombie movies. The movie is about two cops investigating a series of robberies where the perpetrators seem to be invincible to bullets. They discover that the perpetrators are actually zombies, being reanimated by an evil criminal mastermind (of course). During the investigation, one of the cops is killed and brought back himself, and he only has a limited amount of time before he completely decomposes (borrowing a little from the plot of DOA).

The cast is stocked with medium and big name actors (ranging from Joe Piscopo to Vincent Price), who do a pretty good job. The plot follows your basic cop/partner movie, but the zombie element makes it interesting, and there are some good scenes. It's funny to watch the deterioration of Treat Williams (the zombie cop) as he follows the trail of the bad guys. There's one part where the partners enter a butcher shop that just happens to have a zombification machine installed in the ceiling. The man they are after activates the machine, causing all the dead animals in the shop to come back to life and attack.

It was a good way to pass a little time. If you happen to see a copy of this lying on the video store shelf, you could do a lot worse.