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There are roughly a bajillion movies called "The Night Shift", and even clarifying that it's about the undead doesn't narrow it down to one movie, but I think I can safely say that after you get past the title, this movie is something different. To clarify further, though, this is the feature film written and directed by Thomas Smith, based on his well-received previous short film. I haven't seen the short myself, but apparently it got enough praise to inspire Smith to take it to the next step.

The Night Shift is a light-hearted tale about Rue Morgan (Khristian Fulmer), a live-in cemetery caretaker whose job is to keep the undead from leaving. It sounds a little like Cemetery Man, except Rue is dead himself, the other zombies are just undead versions of their living selves, and instead of putting the zombies back in their graves, Rue spends most of his time playing cards or checkers with his limbless skeleton sidekick, Herbie (voiced by Soren Odom). So really, not much like Cemetery Man at all.

Rue is a bit of a lazy scoundrel, but gets along well with the residents, and so is able to do his job. That's not to say all is perfect though. He doesn't get along with Captain Blake (Jonathan Pruitt), an undead Confederate solider who wants Rue's job, and Rue's romantic advances toward living day-shift manager Claire (Erin Lilley) are going nowhere.

The Night Shift has an original storyline and a certain goofy charm, but this is also definitely not a polished film. Some of the acting falls a little flat, and in the version I was watching, the sound didn't quite synch up. But the effects were decent for the budget, and the makeup was pretty good. If you can overlook the flaws, this is worth checking out.