Pop Punk Zombies (2009) 1 brainhalf brain

There are few beings (I don't want to call them people, and maybe even "beings" is a stretch) who fit in mainstream society less than zombies, so if some of them were to get together and form a band, punk seems like the kind of music they would like to play. It's definitely more appropriate than the power ballads in the painful Hard Rock Zombies, so right off the bat I liked this idea from writer/director Steve Dayton. Punk culture pervades the film, from the characters to the setting to the soundtrack (obviously).

In the film, music promoter Dameon David (Adam Hatfield) has this same idea, bringing back a dead band trio and forming them into a new band, The Vicious Vegans. Word about the band spreads quickly, sparking both interest from punk fans and protests from those who fear this is just the beginning of zombies taking jobs away from the living. Eddie (Ian Kane) and Ciezmore (Nick Marinnuci) show up for the band's opening night to see if the rumors about the band are true. Eddie is trying to get over his ex Lisa (Laura Savage), and he only goes to the concert because Ciezmore tells him Lisa's going to be there.

I like how the movie starts. The beginning where Dameon resurrects the band is interesting, and the opening scenes with Eddie and Ciezmore (who do a fairly solid acting job throughout) are fairly well done and fun to watch. Strangely enough, it's the point at which the zombies get loose and chaos ensues that the movie starts to lose me.

Lisa has been separated from Eddie and Ciezmore, and Eddie wants to find her. Furthermore, they've discovered that the building has been blockaded and will shortly be gassed, killing the living and undead alike. Despite this, I never really got a sense of urgency. Eddie and Ciezmore seemed to end up arguing or just talking with people as much as fighting zombies, and the action tended to flag. Although I think that it's the dynamic between living characters that can really make a zombie movie interesting, in this case that dynamic didn't resonate with me.

I liked the idea, and the makeup and acting for this kind of budget were pretty good, but it didn't hold together as well as I had hoped. Still, it's a fun kind of film, and people who like punk may rate it a notch higher. Like a good punk song, it may lack polish, but it's got substance.