Khun Krabii Hiiroh (2004) 1 brain1 brainhalf brain

Alternate Titles:

SARS Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis

Khun Krabii Hiiroh, or as I saw it, SARS Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis, was pretty ridiculous, but then, that's what it was aiming for. I can't say for sure whether director Taweewat Wantha's film is typical Thai comedy fare, but it's so un-self-consciously goofy that it may not appeal to all tastes. I was amused by it more or less, but sometimes all I could do was just roll my eyes.

The world is in the midst of a SARS epidemic, and so far Thailand has remained SARS-free. Unfortunately, a SARS-carrying insect makes its way from somewhere in Africa to Thailand (by way of Europe) and manages to bite someone (Dr. Bryan Thompson, played by Arthur Biggs) before getting swatted. In one of the other film cuts, Dr. Thompson is actually working on an antivirus but has his funding removed, and eats one of his test insects to force the government to give funding to further research. Dr. Thompson manages to make it home before the virus takes over his system, at which point he converts into a flesh-eating demon looking thing, and, as is its wont, chaos ensues.

In the same building at that time, a crime boss is holding a young schoolgirl, Liu (Phintusuda Tunphairao), for ransom. Her father has hired a young warrior to go and rescue her, Khun Krabii of the title (played by Supakorn Kitsuwon), and he makes it into the building just as the government learns of the zombie outbreak and quarantines the building. The government gives him an hour to find the girl and bring her out, or they'll blow up the building.

The makeup in the movie is good, but the computer animation is really bad, so that's another thing you'll need to overlook. If you don't expect anything more than slapstick and sexual jokes, you won't be disappointed, but you really need to turn off your brain before viewing. Watch it with friends for maximum effect.