The Quick and the Undead (2006) 1 brain1 brainhalf brain

On the surface, this movie may seem to be borrowing pretty liberally from other movies. The title alone is an obvious nod to Sam Raimi's The Quick and the Dead. There's even an actress (Erin McCarthy, playing Hunter Leah) who looks a little bit like Sharon Stone in her western getup. The protagonist, Ryn Baskin (Clint Glenn), is sort of a cross between Mel Gibson's Mad Max and Clint Eastwood's Man with No Name. He doesn't quite attain the level of Eastwood's guttural, concise utterances, but we get the idea. Nevertheless, the movie has a decent story all of its own, and given the budget, director Gerald Nott does a decent job of presenting it.

The setting is post-apocalypse; the zombie plague has come and won, and most of the population of the world is now zombies. Incentive is being provided to bounty hunters to roam the country and kill the undead, providing a severed finger as proof of each kill. (I was a bit skeptical of this idea. What's to keep a bounty hunter from taking two or more fingers from the same corpse, or to knock out an unsuspecting live person and take their fingers? But it was kind of a cool idea anyway.) Competition is fierce, and often times there are conflicts between bounty hunters over territory and kills. Ryn Baskin comes to a town to clean it out, but after he kills all the zombies, a rival bounty hunter gang led by Blythe Remington (Parrish Randall) shoots him and takes his collection of zombie fingers, leaving him for dead. It turns out he's still alive, though, and he sets out for revenge.

The movie had some of the flaws common to low-budget features, for example, subpar acting (with some exceptions) and noticeable plot holes, but it kept me engrossed, and the effects weren't that bad. Certainly it was better put together and more professionally done than a lot of budget films I've seen. If you have the stomach or the taste for budget films, I would give this one a try.