Zombies (1964) 1 brainhalf brain

Alternate Titles:

I Eat Your Skin

I saw this under the title I Eat Your Skin as a film covered by Elvira. Elvira only covers films of good cheese, and this one was true to form. (One example of cheese that Elvira herself gave was that there is actually no skin eaten in this film.)

The movie is about a writer and his publisher who come to a Caribbean island to investigate stories of voodoo and armies of the walking dead. When they get there, they are horrified to discover... voodoo and armies of the walking dead! The zombies are kind of humorous; they appear to have fried eggs plastered over their eyes and dried oatmeal on their cheeks. The voodoo ceremonies consist mainly of gyrating men and women.

The hero (the writer) is a shameless chauvinist, who can't resist quoting cheesy come-ons from his own books. The heroine, after an initial seemingly successful attempt to see through his smooth talk, quickly succumbs to his dubious charms.

This movie was fun to watch, if only to laugh at the dialog and the characters. It also may bring a bit of nostalgia for lovers of old drive-in horror films. Watch it to laugh, not to be scared.