Voodoo (1995) 1 brainhalf brain

I saw Voodoo on the video store shelf, and decided to screen it because it looked cheesy (it stars Corey Feldman, and the plot involves a voodoo fraternity). This movie mixes zombie genres, having both the seem-dead-but-came-back zombies and the really-dead-but-came-back kind.

It's about a writer (Corey Feldman) that decides to transfer to his girlfriends school (without telling her, which she is mysteriously pissed off about until about halfway through the movie), and ends up joining a fraternity that, unbeknownst to him, is led by a voodoo priest. He is the last member needed for the voodoo priest to complete his evil plans, but he is warned by a crazy old man. If that sounds like a stereotyped character, that's because it is. The movie is predictable, and not too exciting.

If I hadn't seen dozens of other movies like it, I might have enjoyed it more, but this one doesn't offer much of anything different from other cookie-cutter horror movies.