Deadline (2002) 1 brain1 brain1 brain

Deadline is a 21 minute zombie film from Twisted Pictures, a film company in the Netherlands. This film is what I wish other independent zombie films were like. The acting and writing are good, the camera shots are interesting, the makeup is convincing, and it seems to have a level of care that is missing from other similar films.

Jenny (Anjali Taneja), a reporter covering a leak at a biochemical plant, breaks into a nearby office building with her camera crew, hoping to get a shot of something with a telephoto lens. They find a ransacked office and a single wounded survivor, Mike (Cas Jansen), who painfully tells them what happened. The office is a computer game company, currently involved in the production of their latest zombie shoot 'em up. They had a deadline coming up, but, obviously, something went wrong.

Because of Deadline's length, I didn't quite have time to get as into the film as I do with others, but otherwise the pacing was fine, and I was still engrossed by the story. It was certainly better than films I've seen that seem to drag on forever. It was like a regular indie film with all the boring parts cut out. If they ever do a feature length zombie film, I would certainly be interested in seeing it. And if you get a chance to see Deadline, I would recommend it.