Død Snø (2009) 1 brain1 brain1 brainhalf brain

Alternate Titles:

Dead Snow

This is without a doubt my favorite Nazi zombie film. Not only that, it's a great zombie film in general. Director Tommy Wirkola gets horror comedy in a fundamental way, and the result is a rollicking good time. His movie nods to zombie movie tropes without being enslaved to them and making them cliches, showing a respect and knowledge for the genre while at the same time bringing a fresh originality to it.

A quick summary of the plot sounds like a weary retread. A group of medical students are on a weekend campout in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, when a mysterious old guy shows up and warns them about dangers in the woods. Apparently, back during World War II, a sadistic Nazi colonel and his men terrorized the local populace (the movie is set in Finnmark, a far northeast county in Norway). The villagers rose up and attacked the Nazis, but Colonel Herzog (Ørjan Gamst) and some of his men escaped into the wilderness. Perhaps they froze to death. Or perhaps their evil lives on to this day...

Despite the way the summary sounds, the movie has much more to offer. The casting was great: the characters quickly become people you can identify with and root for. The writing was full of little touches that made this movie unique, and aside from a bit of a slow start for me, was otherwise well-paced throughout. And once it gets going, it really gets going.

This is not a deep film; there are no social statements or metaphors other than that the Nazis were bad people. However, it is a fun film, made for fans by fans, so if you consider yourself a fan, make sure not to miss it.