Santo el Enmascarado de Plata y Blue Demon contra Los Monstruos (1969) 1 brain1 brain

Alternate Titles:

Santo and Blue Demon against the Monsters

No other celebrities seem to achieve quite the iconic status in their country that Mexican wrestlers do in theirs, or at least, they did back in 1969 when this movie was made. It wasn't like The Rock, who parlayed his wrestling into a separate acting career. Mexican wrestlers were seen as wrestling superbeings, and even in the movies, this was their superpower. The most famous wrestler, of course, was Santo the Silver Masked, who was like a version of Superman. Who did the government call when they were in trouble? Santo. Who would show up to help at the darkest hours? Santo. Who was also a brilliant nuclear physicist on the side? Santo (in Santo en el Tesoro de Drácula), surpassing even Superman there.

Sometimes Santo would team up with his friend and wrestling rival, Blue Demon, as was the case in this movie. The dead evil genius Otto Halder (Jorge Rado) is brought back to life by his diminutive hunchbacked assistant Waldo (Santanón) with the help of four criminal zombies. Waldo and master then begin bringing various monsters to life to get revenge first on Otto's brother (Carlos Ancira) and niece (Hedi Blue), and then the world. Blue Demon stumbles on the plot, is captured, and cloned, and the clone then joins forces with the evil Dr. Halder.

Santo is currently dating Dr. Halder's niece, so when the two of them are attacked, he figures something is up. In the meantime, every possible monster you can think of is also wreaking havoc across the countryside. Can Santo stop the monsters and rescue Blue Demon?

The zombies are present throughout the movie, but their role is rather minor. They pretty much hang around Dr. Halder's lab, defending it when anyone intrudes. Their makeup consists solely of green body and face paint, and sometimes not even that, so gore fans will be disappointed. The charm of the movie is in its ridiculous camp, and in the theory that wrestling can resolve anything. There's a great scene where Santo and a vampire have a publicized grudge match. Expect nothing but silly fun.