Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence (1991) half brain

This film was directed by the same guy, Andreas Schnaas, who did the absolutely horrible Zombie Doom, and boy does it show. It was not as bad as Zombie Doom, which saved it from zero brains, but the only reason that this film got a half brain instead of a quarter is because I decided when I started this site that if I started slicing my ratings too fine, I was going to go nuts trying to rate every movie accurately. It didn't get zero brains like Zombie Doom because of one thing: the dubbing.

The parts of the film with any plot follow the adventures of two doctors who are trying to discover the cause of the zombie plague that is wreaking havoc on the countryside. The main hero, played by a skinny white guy, has been dubbed over by a black man, and his sidekick has this weird weasely kind of voice that doesn't really fit his expression. The dubbers don't really appear to be making the effort to match the lip movement of the actors, and at times it seems they don't even have a script, since a lot of the dubbed lines sound ad-libbed. This gives the film a Mystery Science Theater 3000 kind of feel, good for a few genuine laughs here and there. The lack of the script for the dubbers probably didn't hurt any, since the film is not deep enough to not know what's going on just from watching the picture. In fact, it probably improved the film, since there were some lines that I doubt Andreas Schnass had the creativity to come up with.

The majority of the movie is simply a series of scenes of zombies attacking people. Dubbers are not needed much in these scenes, since usually there is just enough dialog to establish that the victims are indeed people, and not just clean zombies. I had resisted the urge to fast-forward through most of Zombie Doom, succumbing only once at a scene that I was too disgusted to watch all the way through. In this film I fast forwarded several times, not out of disgust but out of sheer boredom. Most of the zombie scenes would end with a good five minutes or so of zombie gut-munching, which gets very tedious very quickly.

The movie did have one good sequence, at least it seemed good in comparison to the rest of the film, and I give the credit to the dubber playing the lead. The lead doctor slips and bumps his head, going into a dream sequence in which he is wandering through a zombie-infested abandoned house. Why he had to bump his head to do this and couldn't just take refuge in an abandoned house in the real life of the film, I do not know. The funny part comes when he starts to get chased by the zombies in his dream, and the dubber says, "Look! It's Jimi Hendrix! and Jim Morrison!" I ascribe this to the dubber because the zombies in question looked nothing like the rock stars mentioned, and I can only assume that the dubber was getting bored himself at this point.

However, despite the laughs provoked by the dubbing, it does not come close to making up for the lack of plot, terrible acting, terrible cinematography (shot on a camcorder), and overdependence on gory special effects. Take even the half-brain with a grain of salt, though, since it is only because the zero-brain rating is reserved for the truly horrible.