Zombi Holocaust (1980) 1 brain1 brain

Alternate Titles:

Doctor Butcher M.D.
Dr. Butcher, Medical Deviate
Island of the Last Zombies
Medical Deviate
Queen of the Cannibals
La Regina dei Cannibali
Zombie 3
Zombie Holocaust

When I was watching Zombi Holocaust (released in the US as Dr. Butcher M.D.), I kept being reminded of other movies I had seen. Ian McCulloch redoes his role from Zombi 2, playing a charming man of the world called Peter. His costar this time is a nurse (Alexandra Delli Colli) who has stumbled on a sinister cannibal sect in New York, centered around the hospital she works in. The two of them and another couple (Sherry Buchanan and Peter O'Neal) go to the tropics to investigate.

Aside from Zombi 2, this movie also brings to mind the movie Mountain of the Cannibal God. When the four of them reach their destination, with native guide and porters in tow (pick a movie with a "Great White Hunter"), they run afoul of a tribe of cannibals. The cannibals proceed to attack the party, mostly picking off the porters first, making for plenty of flesh-chewing scenes.

It turns out that the cannibals are in league with a mad doctor (Donald O'Brien) who is experimenting on corpses, bringing them back to life. He's actually the most entertaining part of the movie. The mad doctor is a cliche too, of course, but in this case he hams up his dialog, delivering lines with much more earnestness than they deserve, making his character more amusing.

So aside from ripping off other movies, this movie doesn't sound too bad. Well, it's not, but it's not that great, either. Aside from the doctor, the writing is uninspired, and there are the gaping plot holes that seem ubiquitous in low-budget Italian zombie films. The effects are pretty good, but they aren't enough to save the movie.