La Tumba de los Muertos Vivientes (1983) 1 brain

Alternate Titles:

L'Abime des Morts Vivants
Der Abgrund der Lebenden Toten
Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies
El Desierto de los Zombies
Grave of the Living Dead
Oase der Zombies
The Oasis of the Living Dead
Oasis of the Zombies
Le Trésor des Morts Vivants
The Treasure of the Living Dead

Any movie directed by Jess Franco should be viewed cautiously, but I rented this movie under the title Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies, which just sounds like the kind of movie that should be fun to watch. I should know better by now. If zombie movies were as good as their titles, it would have been a lot harder to come up with my top ten list.

The premise isn't bad. Nazi soldiers transporting six million dollars worth of gold across the desert during World War II are intercepted by the Allies at an oasis. In the ensuing fight, everyone but one Allied solder is killed, and this guy staggers off into the desert. Only he knows where the oasis can be found. Years later, the man's son finds out about the oasis from his father's journals and goes looking for it with his friends. Little do any of them know that the Nazi soldiers killed at the oasis are still waiting around as zombies, killing (and eating) all who trespass.

This movie has the lame script and mediocre acting of other films of this ilk, but it also has extremely poor lighting to boot. There were many times in the film where I wasn't even sure who was being killed, which, after a while, are the only plot points you really care about. There's a perfunctory romance so we can have the obligatory (for Franco) sex scene, and there's a subplot about the son discovering his roots, but these don't add much to the story.

If you are able to laugh at really lame zombie movies, you still might want to give this one a whirl. Some of the effects were pretty campy, and if you enjoy pointing out the characters' boneheadedness to them, you'll have plenty of opportunities. Fans looking for a movie with more substance would be better off looking elsewhere.