The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) 1 brain1 brain1 brain

The Serpent and the Rainbow depicted the horror of zombie-dom for me from a completely different angle. Usually my sympathies lie with those that are fighting the zombies, but in this movie, it is the zombies themselves who are portrayed as the victims. Following the Haitian zombie tradition, with people that are given a drug and then appear to die, only to arise from the grave later, The Serpent and the Rainbow follows the story of scientist Dennis Allen (Bill Pullman), who comes to Haiti to try to discover this drug, only to run afoul of the powerful local voodoo priest.

Allen's search begins with a man who was supposed to be dead that was spotted on the street several years later. He teams up with a local doctor, Cathy Tyson (Marielle Duchamp) to try and track him down, and at the same time get a sample of the zombie drug for study back in the US as an anesthetic.

The zombies in this film are living people whose minds are gone. They aren't eating human flesh or even attacking anyone; the horror comes from what was done to them (although, if you read the book this film was based on, you realize that the people who were turned into zombies were generally being punished for misdeeds against their society). Anyway, I enjoyed the movie, and there were parts that really creeped me out. For a different kind of zombie film, I would recommend this one.