The Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993) 1 brain1 brain1 brain

This last movie in the Return of the Living Dead series was quite different from the first two, and, I have to say, a slightly better one. In this one, an army colonel is trying to find a way to use zombies as a biological weapon. His son and his son's girlfriend sneak into the army base and discover what he is doing. Later on, when the son finds out that his dad is being transferred, he refuses to go along and speeds off with his girlfriend on his motorcycle. They get in an accident, and his girlfriend is killed. He can't stand the thought of living without her, so he takes her back to the army lab and reanimates her.

What makes this movie more interesting than the other two is not only the acting, effects, and writing, but the fact that the girlfriend turns into a zombie, and still retains her sense of identity. I suppose I should be upset at this inconsistency with the other two movies and most traditional zombie lore, but it was an interesting enough idea that it didn't bother me too much.

The girlfriend is driven by the same urges as other zombies, but she finds ways to fight her urges (some of the time), and even retains feelings for her boyfriend. By the way, the most effective way she seems to find to control her urges is multiple body piercings, so if that turns you off (or on), then adjust your decision to watch accordingly. Much in the same way as Romero did in his third movie, Day of the Dead, Brian Yuzna (the director) explores the idea of a zombie not just being a mindless eating machine, but retaining some humanity.

The characters in this film are more developed than in the first two movies as well. In the first two movies, the characters tended to be flat and stereotypical. Here, there is a little more for them to do as actors than simply run around screaming. We're not talking Oscar material, but for a zombie flick, it's more than you would expect.