Sang Dut Sau Shut (1998) 1 brain1 brain1 brainhalf brain
(Hong Kong)

Alternate Titles:

Bio Zombie

I loved this movie. I have my sister and her husband to thank for giving me the DVD for Christmas. It was funny, it was creative, and it had tons of zombies. The movie's heroes, Woody (Jordan Chan) and Bee (Sam Lee), are two scoundrelly VCD (the Tokyo equivalent of DVD) store employees who unknowingly bring the first zombie into the shopping mall where they work. Yes, that does seem to borrow from Dawn of the Dead, but this is entirely its own movie. Woody and Bee are just trying to scrounge up some cash and hit on the female employees of the nearby beauty parlor when zombies start popping up.

The dialogue between Woody and Bee is great. They're obviously great friends, but they are constantly giving each other a hard time. At first they appear to be complete slackers, but as the danger in the movie grows, they begin to show their true mettle. They have also obviously seen enough zombie movies to know what to do when they are facing one (or several).

Bio Zombie combines humor and horror, not in The Evil Dead way, but in a new way altogether. It also has a couple of romances and, believe it or not, some personal growth thrown in. The movie gets more serious as it moves along. I heartily recommend this film.