Incubo Sulla Città Contaminata (1980) 1 brain1 brain

Alternate Titles:

Invasion de los Zombies Atómicos
City of the Walking Dead
Invasion by the Atomic Zombies
Nightmare City

This movie was released in the US as City of the Walking Dead. It was a weird one. The story is about a plane of people who are exposed to radiation and then land in an airport, bursting out of the plane and then rampaging into the city. We know that they're zombies from the title and because you need to hit them in the brain to kill them, but aside from that, they're pretty atypical. Instead of shuffling around slowly, these zombies sprint around madly, looking for victims. Most of them wield knives or some other sharp instrument, slashing their victims and then sucking the blood. They seem to have retained all their mental faculties as well. This causes confusion even among some of the movie characters, who at one point surmise that the creatures might actually be vampires.

There are several subplots, but the screen time between different parts of the same subplot are long enough that you kind of forget about a character until they show up on the screen again. That's OK, though, since you never really get to care about any of the characters. Most of them are two-dimensional, chosen mostly so that the director can put an anti-technology message in the film, plopped in towards the end of the film in a gratuitously heavy-handed way.

That said, though, this film still holds some interest, if you're content to simply watch rampaging zombies. If nothing else, it's a new twist on how zombies come about, and what makes them tick.