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Alternate Titles:

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

This sequel is more or less a superior remake of The Evil Dead. Raimi has a much more seamless blend of humor and horror. I found myself laughing more than I found myself being horrified, but the elements of horror are still there. Young folk at a cabin in the woods find the Book of the Dead and accidentally unleash an evil spirit. Led by Ash (Bruce Campbell), they attempt to fight it off, but throughout the movie Ash has to watch as the others, including his girlfriend, are killed and/or possessed.

Raimi's love of slapstick becomes more obvious in this movie than in the first, and he pulls it off well. The Evil Dead films are not deep, but they are great fun. Without giving away anything, let me just say that Raimi creates some of the most inventive fight scenes in zombie movie history, sometimes plunging fearlessly into the ridiculous. This film doesn't take itself seriously at all, leaving the viewers free to enjoy the show.