The Evil Dead (1982) 1 brain1 brain1 brain

This is the first film in Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series. The sequels are much better, but this one still has it's own low-budget appeal. Raimi became known for his blend of horror and humor, but in this one he's heavier on the horror, although there are still some funny parts. It was good, but not great. It's about a group of young folk that go to a cabin in the woods and listen to quotes from the Book of the Dead. This accidentally wakes an evil spirit that tries to kill them off, and then possesses and animates their dead bodies.

This is where we first see the hero Ash, played by Bruce Campbell, although he does not have as central a role in this as he does in the later two. Sam Raimi has said that Evil Dead II is just this movie made over the way it should have been, with more focus on Ash.

The acting and script are decent, and the plot pulls you along. The effects are over the top, in what became Raimi's typical style for these movies. The atmosphere alternates between creepy and campy, but the shifts are not always smooth. It's entertaining, but if you have to choose between watching this and the sequels, watch the sequels.