L'Etrusco Uccida Ancora (1972) 0 brains

Alternate Titles:

The Dead Are Alive
The Etruscan Kills Again
Das Geheimnis des Gelben Grabes

I saw this under the English title The Dead Are Alive. But they're not. Not remotely. There is not a single zombie in this movie. Then why am I writing this review? Perhaps because some of you, like I did and also the theater that I saw this at, thought that this was a zombie film. Certainly The Dead Are Alive sounds like a zombie film. Even the literal translation from the original Italian title, The Etruscan Kills Again, sounds like it might be about at least one undead Etruscan with a thirst for blood. Even the plot outline in IMDB makes it sound like there will be zombie Etruscans wreaking havoc. But no.

There is a minute or two where the protagonist, archaeologist Jason Porter (Alex Cord), fancifully entertains the notion that it may indeed be zombies that are killing people around the dig site. But then he dismisses the notion as ludicrous, and that's the last we hear of it.

This is really a giallo film, an Italian slasher flick. Jason comes to the site hoping to get some research done, but also hoping to get back together with his ex-girlfriend (Samantha Eggar), who is shacking up with a crochety old composer (John Marley) in a house nearby. After some pictures of the painting of an Etruscan demon god are taken, people start being killed, and Jason is the biggest suspect, because he's an alcoholic and has a history of violence. He tries to track down the real killer and get back with his ex as he keeps the police off his back.

Anyway, consider yourself warned. The movie gets zero brains for the number of zombies in it. As giallos go, it was pretty cheesy, but it was at least somewhat entertaining. For more specifics, you probably want to go to a giallo page.