Army of Darkness (1993) 1 brain1 brain1 brain1 brain

Alternate Titles:

Evil Dead 3
Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness
Captain Supermarket
Army of Darkness: The Medieval Dead

Army of Darkness continues the progression of the Evil Dead series, being even funnier and better than the second. It's really more of an action movie, and while there is a veritable army of zombies in the film, there is really no creepy atmosphere except for maybe a few brief scenes.

This one starts with a brief recap of Evil Dead II, recounted by the main character Ash (Bruce Campbell). It then picks up where the second left off. Ash has been sucked back in time and runs afoul of the locals, who are currently having problems with the Deadites. In return for their help in getting home, he promises to bring them back the Book of the Dead to aid them in their fight. He ends up being drawn into the battle, aided by the various implements that he attaches to his severed forearm and a plethora of good lines (at one point earning him the Zombie Oscar for Best Zombie Killer, but no longer).

Bruce Campbell manages to portray a hero who is at once both hapless and a consummate zombie killer, alternating adroitly between laughs and action. The rest of the cast pretty much plays straight-man, but it works out really well. This movie is a lot of fun to watch, but don't watch it if you want to be scared. As an action-comedy though, this is one of the best.