Alien Dead (1980) half brain

Brought to us by Fred Olen Ray, who gave garbage a bad name, Alien Dead reminded me of Zombie Lake, but slightly worse. Featuring Buster Crabbe as the Sheriff in one of his last roles, this movie had nobody else of any talent whatsoever. There's an agonizing scene where a "grief-stricken" man comes into the police station to tell them that his wife has just been killed by a mysterious monster in the swamp: agonizing because we have to watch the cruel butchering of a scene that never hurt anybody.

Almost everyone in this movie is obtuse. Despite the fact that the zombies are clearly people, albeit with some deformities, the movie is littered with people saying things like "What are they?" and "There's monsters in the swamp!" The story is that something has been getting rid of the gators in the swamp, and also apparently the Native Americans. I wasn't really clear on this part. It turns out that the something is a bunch of zombies, who got that way by being hit by a meteor. Or maybe it was a plane full of chemical weapons. Again, not clear. Anyway, after the zombies have eaten all the gators, they start coming out of the swamp to eat people, most of whom seem not to be able to do anything more than scream and fall down.

The makeup is awful. With some exceptions, the zombies are merely wearing face paint, which can be OK if it's done right. It's not done right here. With the exception of one scene involving a pitchfork, the gore is pretty amateurish, too. I think blood capsules made up half the budget of this movie.

It was not completely devoid of entertainment value. I chuckled a few times, but mostly I had my eye on the timer, waiting for it to be over.