Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (1972) 1 brain

Alternate Titles:

Revenge of the Living Dead
Things from the Dead

This movie was not good. The first time I saw it was as background entertainment during a poker game, and I thought it was boring then. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I watched it again without distractions, and it was still horrible.

The script is labored and full of cliches, although it does have some high points. These high points are few and far between, though, and in general the movie is slow and uninteresting. It's about a director who brings his troupe of actors to an island graveyard, and how they accidentally get themselves killed by rampaging undead.

The first exciting part of the movie was when I turned the VCR counter on to see if an actual zombie would show up before an hour had passed. I thought it would be close, since there were lots of indications that a zombie might be showing up REALLY SOON, but an hour came and went, and the excitement died. Zombies did show up at the 64 minute mark, but to give you an idea of how slow this movie was, it seemed like a lot longer than 4 minutes later.

After the zombies show up, the actors don't take much longer to get themselves killed. There is one scene where an actor tries to sneak out the back door, and gets all of maybe ten feet before he is caught. If the makers of this film had kept the last twenty minutes (after the zombies show up), and chosen the best ten minutes of the previous part of the film, they could have had an entertaining short. As it was, by the time the action got rolling, I just didn't care any more.