La Rebelión de las Muertas (1973) 1 brain1 brainhalf brain

Alternate Titles:

The Rebellion of the Dead Women
Revolt of the Dead Ones
Walk of the Dead
Vengeance of the Zombies
Blutrausch der Zombies
Die Beschwörung des Teufels
Die Rebellion der Lebenden Leichen
Zombies blodshämd

What's a woman to do when she discovers that she's staying in a house with a Satanic voodoo cult that kills people? Make love, of course, and then spend the night. And don't call the cops. Or get out of there. Or do anything that makes sense. This is just one of the events in this movie, which ranges from being eerily effective to completely absurd. I haven't seen a lot of the work of Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy, but from what I gather, his movies are known for being campy and ridiculous instead of good. In this movie he actually has two roles (three if you believe the hype, but I think technically the third role is just an extension of one of the first two), so maybe that means it's twice as campy.

This is a film with good old-fashioned voodoo zombies, but there's some confusion and overlap with Satan worship as well. This may not be totally inappropriate, since voodoo has some roots in the Catholic religion, but the film basically equates the voodoo loa Baron Samedi with Satan, which just isn't the case. This distinction may not matter to some (or most) of you, and to tell the truth it didn't bother me that much either, but it's symptomatic of the kind of sloppiness that went into making this movie.

On the other hand, as I mentioned above, there are some good elements to this movie too. The basic plot is that someone is going around London raising the women of particular families from the dead, and using them to carry out evil deeds. I think the scenes with the zombie women look really good on camera, although director León Klimovsky has an annoying habit of shooting them in slow motion. There are other scenes in the movie that also worked well, establishing atmosphere in a movie that sorely needed it. However, if you think too hard about many of these scenes, they start to unravel, so it's better not to, since they're the best parts of the movie.

So what do we end up with? Well, I can say I was entertained for an hour and a half by the weirdness and campiness, and it was certainly original. And I got to see some scenes with Death by Sexy Zombie. Was it good? Sort of, in a cheesy 70's kind of way. I don't think you'll feel that you've wasted your time, but you may be scratching your head when the credits roll.