La Orgía de los Muertos (1973) 1 brain1 brain1 brain

Alternate Titles:

Beyond the Living Dead
Dracula the Terror of the Living Dead
The Hanging Woman
La Orgia dei Morti
The Orgy of the Dead
Return of the Zombies
Terror of the Living Dead
Zombie 3: Return of the Living Dead

Although it sounds like a schlocky horror with lots of gratuitous nudity (the original title translates as "Orgy of the Dead"), this is actually a nicely paced, well-written zombie mystery. (You shouldn't confuse this with the 1965 Orgy of the Dead written by Ed Wood.) The story starts off with a young man, Serge Chekov (Stelvio Rosi), traveling to a small village for the reading of his uncle's will. We know he's the adventurous type, because despite the warnings of an old man in the village down the road, he continues his journey after nightfall, relying on his trusty pistol to keep him out of danger.

He arrives into an interesting situation: he finds himself to be the heir of his uncle's estate. His late uncle's wife (Maria Pia Conte), who incidentally dabbles in black magic, sets about trying to seduce him in order to maintain her status as mistress of the estate. His uncle's business partner, Professor Droila (Gérard Tichy), is anxious to know whether Serge will continue to finance his experiments. Doris (Dyanik Zurakowska), the professor's daughter and also the uncle's maid, is also anxious to persuade Serge to let her father continue his work. Throw in an angry butler, a crazed necrophiliac (Jacinto Molina), and some unexplained murders, and you've got a heck of a story.

One might wonder where the zombies come in. No fears; they're there, but like in many good zombie movies, they're part of the story, but they aren't THE story. If you're looking for a zombiefest, this may not be the movie to watch: they aren't exactly plentiful. But if you're happy with a good movie in it's own rights, you should be satisfied.