The Horrible Dr. Bones (2000) 1 brain

If nothing else, The Horrible Dr. Bones was aptly named. It's about a small-time hip hop group that gets signed by a producer (Dr. Bones) who only wants to use their music for diabolical purposes, and it was, in fact, horrible.

Dr. Bones has had plenty of success raising the dead and controlling them, but he wants to be able to control the minds of the living as well. He decides that the best way to do this is to mix a voodoo chant with normal live music, so he holds auditions for bands, looking for the right kind of music. This movie would have been a lot less boring if we had not been subjected to so much music. Not only do we hear the song of the protagonists (The Urban Defenders), but also two full songs of other bands in the audition. Later in the movie we have to hear the main song again, when Dr. Bones attempts to control the minds of a test audience.

Dr. Bones doesn't share his plans with the band, but the band's manager doesn't quite trust him anyway. The rest of the band is fully roped in, with the help of dream visitations from Dr. Bones that are the one redeeming part of the movie. He talks to each of the band members about the particular personal issues they have that being signed on by a producer would solve, and we get to see a glimpse of the characters personalities, but this part is over quickly.

The participation of zombies in the film is minimal, at best. They're there, but they basically are just hired muscle for Dr. Bones and get very little screen time. The rest of the film is about the manager being jealous about Dr. Bones attention to his girlfriend (the lead singer). All in all, not very interesting or exciting.