Dead Men Don't Die (1990) half brain

After running out of movies that are easily available at rental stores, I've resorted to finding zombie movies in the bargain bins at various retail outlets. Dead Men Don't Die has shown me the error of my ways. There's a reason that movies like these are in the bargain bin.

The premise sounded good enough. A newscaster (Elliot Gould) is killed after stumbling onto a drug ring, and the cleaning lady (Mabel King) in his office building decides to bring him back as a zombie. This is intended to be a comedy, but it relies on the idea that zombies are inherently funny, which they aren't. Elliot Gould does his best to wring some laughs from the viewers, and a few times his ridiculous expressions and quirky movements manage to do just that, but not enough to make the movie worthwhile.

There is also a cop and a female newscaster that repeatedly find bodies and call for a crime squad, only to find later that the bodies have disappeared (and have become more zombies). This gag gets old after the first time, but this movie is not original enough to come up with another joke for the rest of the film. Leave this movie in the bargain bin, or wherever you find it.