Zombie King: The King of the Zombies (2008) 1 brain

This short film was basically 15 minutes of zombie killing. Director Paul Streiner was just having fun with it, obviously not going for realism, plot, or decent acting, but giving us something almost impressionistic, a jumbled collection of images tied together by a loose plot thread. There's a mad scientist (Mark Scarboro) and his assistant who are creating zombies, a squad of commandoes that are fighting them, and a brave little girl. Oh, and there's also one commando, Rocky (Jeremy DeCarlos), who becomes a really huge zombie, the titular king (played by Gary Johnson). Before he becomes a zombie he tells the little girl the crucial fact that salt will make a zombie return to its grave. (I have to salute Streiner for knowing this piece of zombie lore.)

One thing I will say, this movie was very original; I've never seen anything quite like it, and probably never will again. Streiner combines (cheap) computer animation and live action with a complete disregard for realism. I think he realized that on his budget it was better to match the film style to his available resources than to create something unmemorable in a style in which he couldn't do it justice. His movie certainly isn't unmemorable, but neither is it particularly good. It has won several awards, though, so it does have its appeal.