Zombie Love (2007) 1 brain1 brain1 brain

With a title like Zombie Love you might not expect this short zombie musical to take itself too seriously, but it's the earnestness of the performers that makes the film that much more interesting to watch. If they had taken the straight campy approach, like in Song of the Dead, the movie might have been somewhat run of the mill, but the performers in this film take the camp to a higher level, playing and singing it straight, and letting the camp come out through the writing.

The story centers around Dante (Brad Culver), a zombie, and Claudia (Esme Allen), a woman he saves from an attack by grave robbers. Dante is disenchanted with the zombie lifestyle, and Claudia embodies what he misses about being alive, so he falls in love with her. Claudia screams when she first sees Dante, causing Dante to flee, but then she falls in love with him when she realizes what he did for her. Dante thinks that she would never fall in love with a zombie, though, so he tries to find a way to work around that to win her love, disguising himself as a human.

Director Yfke Van Berckelaer has some nice touches in his numbers, including nods to West Side Story in a Sharks-vs-Jets-style fight, and to Bollywood and rap near the end of the movie and in the closing credits. The performers sing and dance quite well, and they obviously had some good choreographers, so you really feel like you're watching a genuine romantic musical. It just happens to have a cannibal zombie as one of the protagonists.

The plot is pretty thin, but that's the case with most musicals anyway. Zombie purists may have problems with the fact that the zombies in this movie can talk and think rationally, but hey, if cats can sing and dance, why not zombies? I suppose Van Berckelaer could have tried a version where Dante doesn't sing or talk, and only shambles when he dances, but then Culver and Allen would have lost a lot of their chemistry, and the movie wouldn't have worked as well. So if you're looking for something different and entertaining, try Zombie Love (