Deadscapes II (2007) 1 brain1 brain

This episode of the series of short indie films from director Kristofer Velasquez raises an interesting question: we know how most of us would probably react to a zombie breakout (at least I know how I would react), but what would someone do whose morality is different from ours? Say, a serial killer? Would he join forces with the good guys? Go off on his own and just try to survive? Or something else?

Dave Epley plays the serial killer used to answer this question in Deadscapes II, and Sarah Coe plays the woman who runs afoul of him in the beginnings of a zombie rampage. Epley is appropriately creepy for his role, and he and Coe give decent performances. You have to make allowances for some of the usual problems that plague indie films, but overall the production is pretty good. Velasquez adds some nice touches with news broadcasts about both the killer's victims and the beginnings of the outbreak.

I have to say I was expecting just a straightforward faceoff between serial killer and zombies, but Velasquez takes it in a more interesting direction. He packs a neat idea into a short running time, so it doesn't get a lot of development, but it does make you think a bit. If you want to find out more about the movie, you can go to