Children of the Living Dead (2001) 1 brain

Children of the Living Dead was produced by John Russo, who co-wrote Night of the Living Dead with George Romero. Either Russo wasn't paying attention while Night of the Living Dead was being made, or he wasn't while this film was, because the gap in quality between the two is big enough to herd an elephant through.

Where to start? Although there is some good action footage in the beginning of the film, and some other good bits sprinkled throughout, too much of the film is taken up by poor actors spouting poor dialogue. With a few exceptions, to call them stilted and unnatural is being kind.

The movie also invests too much time in setting up the actual story. The first part of the movie takes place in 1986, when the town is out zombie hunting, much like the end of Night of the Living Dead. This is suddenly truncated, and we flash forward to the year 2000, where several minutes are spent on characters that are only there to become zombies in the next part of the movie, which skips a year to 2001.

The main zombie in the film, Abbot Hayes, is somewhat of a mystery. Although the other zombies are the typical mindless Romero-esque walking corpses, Hayes seems smarter, stronger, and more evil than the typical zombie. Becoming a zombie has also apparently disfigured him, since his face and hands are more troll-like than human. In addition, even though he keeps killing people from 1986 to 2001, none of the townsfolk seem to want to make a concerted effort to find him and kill him, even though they all know where to find him.

So, wrap up the bad acting, illogical story line, and wandering plot, and you've got this film. Consider yourself warned.