Bride of Re-Animator (1990) 1 brain1 brain1 brain

Alternate Titles:

Re-Animator 2

Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbot return as Herbert West and Dan Cain in this great sequel to Re-Animator, picking up a little after the ending of the last story. It's directed by Brian Yuzna, who produced Re-Animator and also directed The Return of the Living Dead 3. Herbert and Dan are working as military surgeons in the Amazon while trying to track down a lizard whose glands will give them the necessary ingredient for a new experiment: not just reanimating corpses, but being able to assemble different body parts together and animate them. Herbert is as dedicated to his work as ever, and Dan is still his assistant, trying to keep Herbert's madness somewhat in check.

They find the lizard they need and return to Miskatonic in the States, the site of the first movie. There they rent an old house by a cemetery (naturally) and begin new experiments in the basement. They are hampered by a police detective who thinks they had something to do with the mayhem at the end of the first movie. Dr. Hill, or at least his head, also comes back for this movie.

The fact that any body parts can be combined to make a new being makes for some funny, creepy creatures. Dan is unaware of the full extent of Herbert's activities, being distracted by a new love interest and his work with a terminal female patient at the hospital. In a plotline paying tribute to Bride of Frankenstein (in case you couldn't guess by the title), Herbert is getting Dan's help by promising to create a mate for him from spare body parts, one of which is the heart of his love from the first movie.

This movie is as entertaining and bizarre as its predecessor, but has a more light-hearted feel, except perhaps toward the end, which is disturbing on various levels. If you liked the first one, you should see this one as well.