Plan 9 from Outer Space (1958) 1 brain1 brain

My general philosophy when rating movies is to compare it to what I think it was aiming for. I just have to make an exception with this film, since the reasons I enjoyed it certainly can't have been what the director, the infamous Ed Wood, intended.

Called by some "the worst movie ever made," this is only a movie to watch if you can laugh at pure schlock. The acting is bad, the effects are bad, and the script is bad, but the effect as a whole is quite amusing. Admittedly, Wood was hampered when the big star of his film, Bela Lugosi, died before much filming was done. He bravely sallied on, however, getting another man to stand in with a cloak held over the lower part of his face to help disguise the more obvious differences. If you are a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan, you will probably enjoy this film.

The story is about aliens that are trying to warn the human race of their own capacity for destruction. They decide that re-animating corpses is the best way to get our attention. There are only three zombies in the film, so there is not a lot of zombie action. The most entertaining part of the film is the dialogue, which is so corny I couldn't help laughing. Ed Wood regulars make their usual appearances, including Tor Johnson and Vampira as very unusual zombies, Criswell as the narrarator, and Paul Marco as the intrepid Patrolman Kelton.