Necropolis Awakened (2002) 1 brain1 brain

Necropolis Awakened is an indie film brought to us by the White family, Duke White and his sons Brandon and Garrett. For a no-budget indie film, I have to say it isn't bad. The biggest criticism I have to make is that the actors needed to tone down their performances. Part of this may have been the need to make themselves heard by the video camera, but it seemed like most lines were shouted at full volume. Since a lot of the scenes consist of fighting or arguing, this isn't too out of place, but it still comes off as hammy.

In the movie, Tiden (Garret White, who also directed), a young man, gets a letter from his Uncle Bob (Duke White) saying he needs help. Tiden goes off to see him, and he finds Bob living in a cave in the mountains, claiming that the town has been overrun by zombies. Bob is also being chased by hitmen sent after him by the head zombie, Nefarious Thorne (Brandon White). Brandon and Duke also play two of the three hitmen, Judas and Johnny Gog, aided by Brandon Dubisar, playing Detroit. You might wonder how they shoot scenes with multiple characters played by the same actor, but they actually manage quite well. I didn't even realize that Judas and Uncle Bob were the same actor until the end of the movie.

Between being shot on video and the hammy acting (especially Duke White as Judas, the lead hitman), the movie comes off as amateurish, but it is evident that the actors are having fun with it, and the makeup effects are actually pretty good. This is a straightforward action movie, but it has some light attempts at humor, and a little personal drama as well. I watched some of the deleted scenes on the DVD, and there was actually one funny scene that I wish they had kept in. All in all, it's a fun but unremarkable flick.