Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker (2001) 1 brain

One thing I will say about Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker!: it knows exactly what kind of movie it is. The name of the production company is Low Budget Productions, after all. And with a title like this... So what you get is a low-budget, badly acted video movie with a paper-thin plot and a lot of unfunny moments. But knowing that he wasn't making a masterpiece apparently freed director/writer Chris Seaver to just have fun, and the movie has a certain goofy charm and some genuinely clever ideas.

Mulva (Missy Donatuti) is a young girl with a sugar addiction who is going out trick-or-treating for the first time with her friend Cassie (who credits herself as Callie the Hutt). Mulva has been avoiding trick-or-treat for many years because of a traumatic taunting experience by two bullies, Chest Mclargehuge and Takateru (Mike Nicolai and Joe Anime), when she was younger. Now, on the current Halloween, the candy intake is threatened when zombies show up out of nowhere, and Mulva must decide whether she wants to run away or stand and fight for her candy.

Chest and Takateru, the most amusing characters in the movie, are around on this Halloween as well. Chest goes around verbally abusing everyone, and Takateru chimes in once in a while with additional epithets. Takateru is supposed to be a mock kung-fu villain, since someone else's voice is always dubbed over his lip movement (at least, I hope that was intentional and not just some bad post-production sound). There is also a quite unfunny character, Mr. Bonejack, played by Chris Seaver in blackface and probably offensive to many.

So, would I recommend this movie? Not really. Mulva is perpetually on a sugar high and also has a speech impediment, so you have to listen to a lot of unintelligible shrieking during much of the film. Seaver's sense of humor is mostly sophomoric, and the things that are mildly amusing about a given character quickly grow stale. Seaver drops a lot of film references, so horror buffs may be briefly entertained in those scenes, but mostly the references just seem to be there for their own sake. It wasn't a horrible movie, but it was like watching something made by your friends in high school. If that doesn't sound appealing, then don't watch it.