Wiseguys vs. Zombies (2003) 1 brain1 brain

In the world of zombie movies, zombies are often pitted against other dangerous things, out of curiosity to see which is stronger. Zombi 2 asked this about zombies and sharks. Vampires vs. Zombies implies (but doesn't deliver) contests between these two types of undead. And Wiseguys vs. Zombies puts zombies up against the mafia. Hit men are used to shooting people in the head (to quote Jon Polito in Miller's Crossing, "Always put one in the brain"), so it would seem that they would be ideally suited for this.

In the movie, a secret government formula falls into the hands of drug dealers, but couriers in New York steal it, and the drug lord (badly acted by Olimpo Becerra) asks a friend in the mafia to find and kill the couriers and bring their dead bodies and the drug down to him in Miami. The mafioso gets two of his wiseguys, Gus (Adam Minarovich) and Freddy Six Times (William Palko), to carry out the job. Unfortunately, the couriers have already started sniffing the drug by the time the wiseguys find and whack them, and on the way down to Florida, the bodies come back to life, starting a zombie rampage in a small rural town.

The movie starts out like a mafia action movie, but as the zombies start showing up and the film centers more around the zombie conflict, it actually starts getting (intentionally) funny. Not all the humor works, like stereotypes about farmers and bestiality, but other parts of it made me laugh out loud. Minarovich, who also wrote and directed, is almost the only reason to watch this film. Unlike many of the cast, he can actually deliver lines and has a sense of timing, and his character, although pathologically violent, is still someone you root for when the zombies show up. It's a shame he couldn't find better actors to work with, although some of them do acquit themselves well enough. It would be interesting to see what else he's capable of.