Wu Long Tian Shi Zhao Ji Gui (1982) 1 brain1 brainhalf brain
(Hong Kong)

Alternate Titles:

Kung Fu Zombie

I saw this film under the title Kung Fu Zombie, which has a promising ring to it. I was unaware at the time that I saw it that the lead actor, Billy Chong, was as prolific as he was, but apparently he has made many movies in this vein. The movie was silly slapstick mixed up with some cool fight scenes, and although I found myself laughing often, the comedy wasn't quite to my taste, being more Three Stooges slapstick than The Evil Dead slapstick (and yes, I know that the Three Stooges were a big influence on Sam Raimi, but I still maintain that there is a difference).

The movie starts with a bumbling criminal who, with the help of his henchman and a somewhat hapless sorcerer for hire, plans an elaborate trap involving hopping zombies to do away with the hero Pang (Billy Chong). The plan goes awry, and the criminal is killed, but his ghost convinces the sorcerer to try and find a new body to put him in. At the same time, a powerful warrior from a family with an old blood feud with Pang's family has come to town, looking for revenge. Pang is being trained by his harsh and demanding father for just such a day, to defend the family honor.

The silliness of the movie (aided by the fact that much of the dubbing appeared to be ad-libbed) while making the movie enjoyable, is a little too brainless at times, but it's still worth a look.