Womaneater (1957) 1 brain1 brain

I've been ordering movies from Netflix lately, which means I've been watching the movies I can't find elsewhere, which also means that they are mostly awful. So Womaneater was a pleasant surprise. Although on the surface it sounds like a typical B-movie, lack of plot holes and above average acting (at least, for this kind of movie) make it enjoyable.

British scientist/explorer Dr. James Moran (Norman Claridge) witnesses a tribal ritual in the Amazon jungle in which a young native girl is fed to a carnivorous tree. He discovers that the natives then use sap from the tree to create a serum that brings the dead back to life. We flash forward to five years later, when he is back in England trying to reproduce the serum in his secret lab. He is aided by Tanga (Jimmy Vaughn), a native he brought back to hypnotize young women for the ritual with his magic drumming. Dr. Moran is close to success, but needs just one or two more victims.

At a nearby carnival, exotic dancer Sally Norton (Vera Day) gets fired for talking to local mechanic Jack Venner (Peter Wayn). Jack suggests that she apply for a job as extra house help for Dr. Moran. Sally gets the job, but pretty soon starts to get creeped out by Dr. Moran, and regrets her decision.

There isn't much atmosphere in the movie, but the story moves along well, and there are hardly any moments where you're scratching your head and saying "That doesn't make sense." The main players all do a fine job, and the effects, while cheesy, can be taken in stride. If you're in the mood for a fun time-waster, this one might fit the bill.