Bloodeaters (1980) 1 brain

Alternate Titles:

Toxic Zombies
Blood Butchers
Crying Fields - Sie wurden zu Bestien der Apokalypse
Mutiert - Vergessen in der Hölle

The title alone is enough to tell you what kind of film this is. Not only does it just sound like a low-budget horror film, but there was obviously little thought put into the meaning of the title. Blooddrinker maybe, or even Bloodlicker, but Bloodeater? The only way to eat blood is if you mix it with something and fry it, like they do in Spain, and these zombies didn't exactly seem like world travelers. For that matter, they didn't really seem like zombies. They do have the pasty skin and hunger for human flesh, as well as the shambling walk and lack of verbal communication, but they're also really, really smart for zombies: they use torches (where did they get torches?) to try to burn people out of a cabin, as well as other tools, and they can follow their prey using tracking skills instead of merely hearing them or seeing them.

Some of my more faithful readers may be thinking, wait a minute, this is the guy that calls 28 Days Later a zombie film, where the zombies aren't even undead, so why is he quibbling now? I've said it before and I'll say it again, being a zombie isn't about being undead, it's about loss of individuality, and being controlled by basic impulses or commands instead of rational thought. That's why there's a question here, since the level of rational thought of these zombies is unclear. To fill you in on the story, some feds use a crop duster to spray experimental chemicals on a field of marijuana, and some of the hippies growing it get caught in the spray. They start to wander around attacking people, including the local FBI agent (Charles McCrann), who knows nothing about the crop dusting and is taking the weekend off to fish.

That's pretty much the plot. There are more characters than just the zombies and the FBI guys, of course, including a mentally handicapped boy who's in the film for cheap pathos, but what I've described is about as interesting as it gets. The only thing really distinguishing this film from other similar films is the fact that it actually bends the rules of the genre, but that's much less interesting than it sounds. After you've watched this it will still blend easily into the memory casserole of dreck that all avid horror film fans have in the backs of their minds.