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World War Z: Has Brad Pitt Lost His First Battle?


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Swamped with multiple reports on having to push the release date back, Marc Forster's film adaptation of World War Z has been heavily criticized. In fact, the film has been all but written off by many industry watchers as extensive re-shoots and a script rewrite have been required. However, intrigue in the film is still very much alive due to the post-apocalyptic novel, written by Max Brooks, being well received by zombie lovers — who hailed it as a milestone in zombie mythology — and becoming a bestseller.

World War Z was supposed to be released in December of this year, but now Paramount's $170 million (and counting) zombie war film has been pushed back to June 2013.

The film rights were secured by Brad Pitt's production company Plan B Entertainment in 2007, which will also see the actor star as the main character. Marc Forster was handpicked by Pitt, and his choice in director has received mixed views due to Forster's inexperience with effects-heavy films. The script was originally offered to J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5), but a new cast of writers has been appointed to rewrite the entirety of the third act. The main writer for this job is Damon Lindelof, which has sparked whispers among many industry watchers.

Known for co-creating the TV series Lost, Lindelof has also made a name for himself with the follow-ups of Cowboys and Aliens and Prometheus; it isn't always a gleaming one. Although Lost's popularity waned significantly in the latter part of the series, it made for some iconic television and had a cult following. However, the poor script resulted in viewers asking many questions and not finding any closure in the final season.

Then Cowboys and Aliens was released, which was seen as a massive disappointment at the box office, with many commenting on the script being the downfall of the film. However, Prometheus allowed Lindelof to regain some integrity, as the film was hailed as a success, although many reviews again commented on the amount of unanswered questions that they were left with.

Furthermore, Matthew Fox and Ed Harris, who were in talks with the studio, have both dropped out of production. To add insult to injury, one of the film's warehouses was raided by a Hungarian SWAT team for illegally bringing 85 fully functional weapons, most of which were automatic assault rifles, into the country.

So what is the future for World War Z? Everything that could have gone wrong, has — they have pushed the date back to allow time for seven weeks of re-shoots, the third act is being rewritten, the production team has been in trouble with law enforcement, and two highly rated actors have dropped out. It doesn't sound promising, but at least Paramount is not willing to release any old rubbish and will spend more time and money in getting the job done to a high standard.

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