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Zombie Oscars

surfzombie Once in a while we come across a particular zombie or some other aspect of a zombie film that deserves special recognition. Below is a preliminary list of categories and winners. If you have an idea for a new category, or for a different winner of an existing category, e-mail me and give me a compelling argument for it. If it's good enough, it'll go on the page, along with the argument.

For this one I pick the baby zombie in Braindead or Dead Alive. The alternate-Ash zombie in Army of Darkness was a close runner-up, but the title goes to the kid. For one thing, the baby zombie is designed to look humorous, and in addition, he has a well-developed malicious sense of humor. Aside from that, he is just fun to watch running around the screen.


With the opening of Land of the Dead, this award passes from Bub the Zombie in Day of the Dead to Big Daddy. This zombie leader in Land of the Dead figures out guns and tools and even has a sense of race identity.


Known only as "She", the love interest in Cemetery Man gets this one. Although her screen time as a zombie is admittedly short (as I recall, only a couple of minutes here and there in the film), I think there is no doubt that she would win the Miss Zombie Pageant.


The winner used to be Ash from the Evil Dead series, based largely on his prowess in Army of Darkness. He beat out Francesco Dellamorte from Cemetery Man and Lionel Cosgrove from Braindead. However, after watching Wild Zero, I have to give the award to Guitar Wolf. The man can do things with guitar picks that you would not believe.


This award goes to the boy zombie Michael, in Le Notti del Terrore, mainly because the character creeped me out even before he became a zombie. By definition, him becoming a zombie made it even worse. The makers of the film tried to pass off a short 25 year old man as an incestuous young boy, and the result is a bizarre-looking manchild that feels up his mother. You'll have to watch the movie if you want details.

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