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Chickenhawk's New Zombie Music Video - I Hate This, Do You Like It?

surfzombie When I heard that Chickenhawk was releasing a zombie music video I took the chance to email some questions about the video to guitarist Rob. You can also see pictures from the shoot.

Q: I saw a quote from Stick on the blog that in the beginning the band's point was "We hate everyone." Does that philosophy come into this video?

A: In all honesty the exact opposite is true in relation to this video. We love and are extremely grateful to everyone that was an extra, the makeup crew, Brew Records, Danny North, and Roach terms of music and bands, yes we hate everyone, that's the only reason we ended up in a band together; hold on, maybe it was everyone hates us......

Q: The cinematography and the pissed-off zombies in the trailer reminded me of 28 Days Later. Was that an influence in the making of the video?

A: I know that Danny is a massive fan of zombie movies, and around the time of the conception of the film, I know he was on a massive zombie binge. I think the 28 Days Later style is fitting for the band, as it gives it a more realistic DIY edge which represents the band's attitude towards music and how we go about things very well.

Q: Were the extras mostly fans of the band, or was it an open casting call?

A: It was both, all and everything, fans, friends, open casting; we were shocked and suprised and grateful at how many people turned up. What a lovely time you can have with jelly and jam! Over 150 people ended up being involved

Q: Are you in the video? And are you zombies, victims, or zombie killers? Or more than one of those?

A: We are all in the video; the basic premise is us trying to escape an infected Leeds from a Zombie onslaught...things don't go exactly to plan though.

Q: Does it seem like there's a high crossover between horror fans and fans of your music?

A: I guess there is a lot of horror imagery associated with rock/metal music in general with bands such as Misfits and Send more Paramedics, but I wouldn't say so in particular in relation to Chickenhawk. It certainly wasn't a case of "oh people will like it if we do this"; this was a massive passion for Danny, and we took it as a brilliant opportunity…

Q: Are you fans of zombie films in general?

A: Yeah we're big horror fans...Evil Dead, Romero films, and 28 Days Later, A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell. We are big film fans in general, though.

Q: Did the song inspire the video, or did the idea for the video come first? Or did they grow together?

A: The song was written first, and some of the lyrics I think were slightly twisted to fit in with the story of the video, but as to which ones and how much that's for you to decide...

Q: I'm guesing your zombies don't start dancing in unison. Is the whole video straight, or does it ever break character and have some fun?

A: It's pretty straight. There are little touches of humour here and there, but all in all it is a pretty dark video. I think there will be a few different edits, a more TV-friendly one, and a full-on grim version. There may be an extended version too. Danny North and Roach Productions, in particular Rick Frier, did an amazing job: such talented chaps!

Q: What were the memorable moments from the making of the video?

A: Bloody hell (get it?) there were so many. A lasting memory for me was the first day of shooting, me and Stick arrived at Hyde Park in Leeds at 7:30 to a field of zombies, cameras and make up tents. We realised then this was going to be a massive project!

...Filming one of the final scenes and Danny flicked on Michael Jackson's Thriller through a guitar amp...cue a hundred people dancing their asses off...brilliant.

...I think also seeing the general folk of Leeds' reaction to 100s of people dressed as zombies was very entertaining. So many good memories.

...Our pal Billy pretending to eat a lambs heart. He's a vegan!!!

...Watching the final cut was pretty special too ...Short answer: the whole thing, everything, an amazing, amazing experience

Q: Do you foresee projects like this in the future?

A: There are plans for other videos, but I don't think at the minute there is a plan to do something like this again. This was a massive operation, and we owe massive thanks to everyone involved. This was such a DIY video; the logistics of it were absolutely ridiculous.

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