Brain Waves
Brain Waves
surfzombieAfter you've seen enough zombies in action, you can get to know these lovable creatures pretty well. There are certain ways that they behave, and certain ways that you want to behave around them. The experienced zombie film viewer can often be heard giving advice to the characters on the screen, or grimly predicting their messy fates (or is it only me that does that?)

Collected below are articles and thoughts about our undead friends.
Why Zombies?

Top Ten Zombie Films

Unconventional Weapons for the Walking Dead - Guest writer: Kevin T. Fischer

Interview with Brad Dourif and Brian Metcalf from Fading of the Cries

Chickenhawk's new zombie music video, I Hate This, Do You Like It?

Dead Folks Walking: A History of Zombies in Hollywood

Accepting Zombies of All Kinds

John Carradine: B-Movie Man

Creep Vs. Camp


Top Ten Mistakes Made During A Zombie Film

The Zombie Oscars

Back From The Dead

Dawn of the Costuming Dead

World War Z: Has Brad Pitt Lost His First Battle?

Some People Think They're Cuddly…

From the Files of Otto Standish

Interview with Matt Mogk, author of That's Not Your Mommy Anymore

Interview with one of the makers of the MMORPG Zombie Pandemic

Interview with the author of So Now You're a Zombie: A Handbook for the Newly Undead

Interview with the makers of The Hell Patrol

Interview with Gary Schultz

Zombie Haiku

Zombie Film Laws